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Fully Automatic non woven bag making machine

VNW 7000 fully Automatic Non Woven Bag Making Machine:

Non Woven Bags in Chennai

    This multi-functional nonwoven bag making machine is dedicated to producing soft packing bags,such as vest bag, flat bag, handle bag,shoe bag, bag etc. The machine is controlled by micro computer and it adopts stepping motor to feed materials (servo motor optional) The machine fixes the length at random and has accurate and stable photo electric tracking .If losing three bags, it will stop running automatically. It has automatic Air pressure punching & automatic thermostat & it has automatic stopping while the materials are not in normal work.It has automatic counter & can set the counting alarm. The material feeding is controlled by photoelectricity & it can automatically rectify the deviation while feeding. The bottom of bag is welded in roll type by ultrasonic to ensure the substance & stability.

Non Woven Bags Machines Manufacturers in Chennai

Main Techinical Specification:

Our easy to operate and maintain automatic non woven bag making machine produces bags without much of human intervention, aided by their automatic functions. Their performance and functions are highly reliable. Automatic non woven bag making machine can produce bags without requiring you to tweak a thing or two, because, the machine operates on its own. These machines are used to make flat bags, vest bags and loop handle bags. Here, we can increase the thickness and size of the bags easily. We can just pre-select and preset the thickness and the size of the machine to produce more number of bags too easily with good quality in different shapes, sizes, specifications and dimensions. These types of automatic non woven bag making machines will produce about 15 to 30 pieces per minute. You can also get them done with superb color combination. Choose your preferred color, texts and designs to be etched on your bags. Non woven automatic bag making machines has special features as precise feeding and strong sealing methods. You can also reduce the material feeding by using the step motor and adjustable loop width. Non woven automatic bag making machine is highly used to make shoe bags, gift bags, etc. If we make bags from this machine, they will last longer with more life than bags made from any other process of production. In India, we can see a lot of suppliers of this machine, as the Modern world does require such types of products.

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Production Speed - 20 - 100
Bag Width(cm) - 10 - 100
Bag Length(cm) - 25 - 59
Side folding Size(cm) - 5 - 11
Holding Qty of Puncher(pcs) - 1 -15
Bag Thickness(g) - 25 - 100
Voltage(v) - 380/220
Weight(kg) 2900
Machine Size(m) - 8.8 * 3.8 * 1.7 (L-Shape)
11.2*2.0*1.9(Straight Line)
Total Power(kw) - 8 - 9